Hello and welcome to my blog dedicated to the Volkswagen Type 2!

In our quest to gather all the information and stories related to this hippy legend, let’s start with a little history. The Volkswagen Type 2 was originally introduced in 1950 as the second model of the auto maker.

A real auto legend

The first generation, called the Transporter or Splitscreen was manufactured from 1950 to 1967 featuring a capacity of 750 kg. It was also referred to as barndoor, due to the huge engine cover. The engine was located at the rear and featured 24 bhp. This was later upgraded to 30 bhp and in 1959 to 40 bhp.

In 1962, a new, heavy duty version hit the market with a 42 bhp engine which was further increased to 51 bhp in 1963.

1967 saw the end of the production of the first generation models in Germany but they were still kept in production until 1975 in Brazil.

Upgraded engine, brakes and suspension

The Samba was the top of the line of the model. Equipped with 2 pivot doors instead of the sliding one and featuring a fabric sunroof with panoramic windows, the Samba was a true on of a kind tour bus at the time. Distinguished by the 2 color painting, the Sambas remained in production until the second generation was introduced.

The second generation of Volkswagen Type 2 were made between 1967 and 1979. The distinctive split windshield of the predecessor has been replaced, the whole transporter has become larger and heavier. Due to the higher performance suspension – the rear swing axle has been replaced with two half-shaft axles – the updated second gen. is still popular among off-road users.

The new, 1600cc engine with dual intake ports on every cylinder provided 50 bhp power. The brake system has been upgraded as well, featuring disc brakes at the front and brake ventilation wholes on the weels.

A 4WD option was introduced in the second generation

The Type 2 went through a series of engine options and small redesigns, some of the changes include relocated lamps, electric ignition, redesigned indicators and bumpers. A 4WD variant was built in the late seventies.

The last country to produce the Type 2 was Brazil. This model has been the longest model in assembled of any automaker in the country. The last series were made in 2013.